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Question about Plaintiff Attorney?? (Cap 1)

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Hi All,

I filed for a continuance in my local court for a pre-trial that was set for next week. It was granted to me on the spot at the court house. They told me that I need to call the Plaintiffs attorney and let them know.

The Plaintiff is Cap 1 and the attorney is one of there infamous debt collecting attornys offices. I called and they made me go through giving them all of my information, hich I did not want to do. I just wanted to talk to the attorney listed on my summons and let them know the Pre-trial is no longer next week. (a new date has not yet been set).

Onc the debt collector got my info she said "OH we are not supposed to be talking to you, there is a cease and discist on your file" I was surprised that they actually took note of this and were honoring it. Itold her I just needed to speak with the attorney handling my case to let them know of a change.

She informed me that the attorney listed n my summons no longer works there. I am kicking myself, because mybe just maybe they wouldn't of shown up at the pre-trial conference.

Anyways my question is this...do they need to file a motion to leave for withdrawl of attorney or is that something only the defendant has to do??

Thanks in advance

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