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Ok.. so I am working on a loan modification with Chase. And they want to basically collect my money for the next 3 months at the new lower rate but not accept apply it until this "forbearance" is over. I have never been late past 30days on my loan. I just want a lower interest rate yet my score isn't high enough to do this in the standard fashion. So under this home bailout this will lower my rate from 6.65 to 4.75 and drop my payment 250 a month. But I'm worried about this 90day late they will post on me. They said they will not clear it off even though I am paying. I am wondering that if i have proof of payment and when I paid that i can dispute it with the CB's. As i did pay under the guideline its just the bank that said they wont post it for whatever reason.

If anyone knows any other work around please let me know. I really want a rate drop but to take a 90day hit it will kill my credit as haven't been late on anything for 6years

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