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Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co

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Hi all, this is my first post so if it is in the wrong forum apologies and perhaps a moderator can move it to it's rightful home.

I recently sent a DV to Resurgent to which I have not yet received a reply.

This morning however I received an (apparently computer generated template) letter from WWR& Co stating

"pursuant to your recent request for a status on your account please be advised the current balance due and owing as of the date of this letter is stated above ....................."

"This law firm is a debt collector attempting to collect this debt for our client......."

This would appear to be one third party saying another third party is correct and as such falls short of the requirements to validate. However, I really can not be 100% sure as to what the heck they are talking about as they do not tell me who their client is. :confused:

I have never made any contact with these attorneys and have asked them to supply me in writing with a copy of evidence that I have done so and to substantiate their claim that I have.

I suspect that this is in fact the response to my request for DV. Because of this and because I do not think it can do any harm, I have also now DV'd the attorneys themselves. A little late to ask perhaps, but was this the correct course of action?

They do not in their correspondence state who their actual client is. I have asked them to identify the client they claim to represent and on what basis they represent them. Are they acting as attorneys or are they acting as debt collectors?

Is there a requirement (they are based in OH) that they actually set out who they are representing or can they just send out random letters claiming to represent someone who you may owe a debt to? it doesn't at first glance appear to me that they are acting in an ethical fashion. I am fairly certain that there is a practice directive on this somewhere but have so far been unable to find it. The Ohio Bar Association does not regulate attorneys and their website pretty much useless as a resource.

I am happy that they will never be able to prove the alleged debt satisfactorily, however, I am wondering if there is any mileage in pursuing a disciplinary action against them through the Ohio regulator for attorneys, I beleive this is the OH supreme court?

Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.


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Midland credit mngt did this to us through bursey and assoc. Law firm

I called bursey and asked are you debt collectors, they said they represented midland in their legal endeavors, so I was like so you are a law firm? You are lawyers? Whoa they got mad, and went off about how I was trying to put words in their mouth, threatened lawsuit to collect and hung up.

When we talked to the lawyer we hired to sue them he said they have to be very careful about how they represent themselves to you. If they say they are lawyers in az this could be seen as threat of lawsuit (which you well know is a no-no. Unless they can do so legally or actually intend to) also sometimes they don't want to actually represent themselves as debt collectors because they are not lic. In your state. He also said a lot of them are scumdivers and know they aren't going to follow and laws etc... and will try to hide behind we can't give any info about the collection of this debt because its privledged info. And will not have to verify any info to you cause they aren't the ones reporting to cra etc... none of this will hold up in court though. I guess its a game they play.

But if you want to get them huffy puffy and really ruffle their feathers try to pin them down on wether they are lawyers or debt collectors. I did it unintentionally but when our lawyer listened to the taped phone call he was laughing, the guy got so mad he really said "we are suing you, we are going to so bad" ....click (he hung up on me) awh.

I'd see if they can collect in your state (per pa laws) also they usually won't give you their info but will "pass on" requests to the CA they work for.

Basically middlemen that serve no purpose other than they have the oh so scary, lawfirm name.

Hey and for fun see if they will tell you if they are lawyers or debt collectors.

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Would be nice to know which states they have been banned from!

Is it legal to send info you find about ca's to them in the mail? Just you know to show them that you know who you are really dealing with?

Like how fun to send a 1 page dispute dv letter and 500 pages of online complaints to them, COD of course.

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According to Ohio Revised Code/Ohio Uniform Commercial Code 1319.12 -

"As used in this section, “collection agency” means any person who, for compensation, contingent or otherwise, or for other valuable consideration, offers services to collect an alleged debt asserted to be owed to another."

Hmmmm...I think that maybe WWR falls under this category, especially when they include this statement in a complaint "This law firm is a debt collector attempting to collect this debt for our client..."

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