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Treasury Offset Program and AAFES

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First thing, I really want to tell you all that you have given me knowledge and you have helped me stick up for me. Thank you. I love this site!!!

Here is my situation...

My husband (we just got married) is retired from the navy and was married to his ex for 20 yrs. His divorce was in Michigan. He had an AAfes account (military charge card) after his ordeal he fell behind on payments and was turned over to collections which turned into pension garshiment (ex got half, and they got half of his half)

He filed his federal taxes this year and for the first time he was to get a refund..which was great, because he was laid off and needed that money to catch up mortgage payments.He got a letter from the Federal TOP (Treasury Offset Plan) stating that they were sending his refund to AAFES and all future refunds will be directed to them also, until AAFES removes the order. He needs to amend his federal taxes because he forgot to get his credit for purchasing a home last year which he really needs to get things caught up or his house will be forclosed on. Is there anything we can do to stop the federal from handing over the money? They already have some of his pension, and the balance he owes is huge they keep adding monthly fees and on and on.

Does anyone know how we can handle this?

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