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So what do you think all opions are welcome

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Hi my scenario Credit1 an unknown OC at first had ignored my request to investigate an account which I still do not believe is mine. I asked for specific proof of the debt after first sending them dv in error because I had no idea they had changed their name. Well after going back in forth with the reps including the rude ones via mail and a few times over the phone (I despie rude customer service reps).

They kept referring me to some lame brain company which they had sold the debt to. I specifically stated in my letters more than once that I was requesting an investigation as to how the account was establish. Needless to say they ignored me so I therefore retrieved a small claims summon offline and was in the process of suing them.

I sent them a copy of the ccp code which they were in violation of and gave them 15 days to respond, the head of c1 called and left a message for me and indicated he had recently received my snc and that he needed more time.

now to the short part he sent a letter stating he investigated it, I didnt receive it until 10 days letter I actually gave them more time to respond.

Then I sent him a letter back stating that his investigation was lacking such as in proof that a contract with my signature establish this account

I also gave him another 15 days to come up with the original contract with my signature and the statesment he forgot to include. Well its now a

new month and he sent the statements but still has failed to provide the signature page of the contract agreement. He offer to talk to me after

I complaint about how the whole process could have been handle better and he stated " he believed that a simple conversation can bring this to an equitable and fair resolution" exact words from his letter. The account according to the info he provided was charged off in 4/2004 with an o/s bal of $800.

In the mean time he has taken the account off of my CR, I want the signature page to prove its my signature because I vaguely remember having an account with them. I mean I could be wrong and If its proven to be my signature the we can talk, so do you think he wants to settle?

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