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I Beat Midland and Erica Brachfeld today!!!!

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Today I went to court to fight it out with Erica Brachfeld.

She was trying to recover money for a loan that was past SOL.

I went through all of the correct procedures, filed ANSWER, Cross Complaint on federal and state violations, Called within 30 days to discuss mediation, filed mediation paperwork 15 days prior. The easy stuff.

On April 23 some attorney called me on her behalf and wanted information about the case from me. I told her that if she was helping Erica Brachfeld then she would need to get information from her or the county court house.

She told me she was going to help me. LOL


She did. I am sure it was not by her choosing.

She filed to have the case dismissed that day.

But she did not read the whole thing. CROSS COMPLAINT..........

When I got to court today the clerk notified me that the case had been dismissed.

I asked how it was dismissed if I had a cross complaint filed also.

She told me I could have my cross complaint heard and the judge would decide.

Funny thing is. There was no one there for Erica Brachfeld. The judge decided on the cross complaint and issued a judgement in my favor.

I received the max for Federal and almost half of what I was asking for in state violations.

WAY TO GO MIDLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8-)

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Excellent. If there is a judgment, be sure to request your costs (filing fee for answer and cross complaint). You need to do so right away. I have a couple of recent posts here on how to file the memo of costs.

Nice going.

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Just goes to show how smart their lawyers are, doesn't it?


Its probably a mill. Have license will file. You see the same method successfully used in run of the mill personal injury firms.

Great job on the default!

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I'm about to file against Erica Brachfield for pretending to be a law firm in vioation of my state's consumer law!!!

I'm looking forward to a default judgment now!

Anyone dealing with Brachfield....

By God...Sue ...Sue...Sue....!!!!!!

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What are you being sued for and who is suing you?

Start a new thread of your own and please DON'T post your real name or the actual amount that you are being sued for. Also, Ventura Superior Court has good information on being sued for common counts. Peruse their website. If you are looking for a lawyer in your area then I suggest you send a private message (pm) to Calawyer. He can steer you in the right direction. Don't waste any time though. You have 30 days from the date you were served (or the date your ex's boyfriend got served) to file your answer. If you don't hire any attorney, educate yourself on the procedure to respond with appropriate defenses. Deny..deny...deny...except of course your name and the venue (if it's correct). Those things are pretty obvious.

Good luck.

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