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Can I still sue for lack of Debt Verification after losing an Arbitration award?

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I have an old account from 2003 with a telephone company that had a supposed debt but I explained my side to the phone company and they wiped it all off because my account was supposed to be frozen and they unfroze it incorrectly.

In Aug. 2008 I heard from the "assignee" that I had a debt and also was given arbitration papers. I was asked to give my side to the arbitrator and I thought that was it until I got papers that I lost the arbitration without even knowing that they were moving on with the case. No one sent me any notification.

I sent a letter in Oct. 2008 to the debt collectors and asked for verification and they sent me nothing. Then in Dec. their lawyer contacts me via letter and says if I dont contact them in 30 days they assume the debt is mine. I sent them a letter immediately and asked for verification from them.

They sent me a bill with my name and a total and that was all they could muster up as verification. I have asked them about 4 or 5 times and gotten nothing in the past 6 months.

Then I get notice I have to appear in court about the arbitration. I go to court and the judge says "well arbitraion occured so why do I need to give judgement anyway" and I lose the case.

Since I have been requesting verfication since Oct 2008 and never recieved notification from the Arbitrator after the initial contact... can I still sue the debt collectors for failure to produce verification??

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SOL for any phone bill, is 2 years per Federal law

US Code




§ 415

(a) Recovery of charges by carrier

All actions at law by carriers for recovery of their lawful charges, or any part thereof, shall be begun within two years from the time the cause of action accrues, and not after.

I would contact a consumer law attorney about a suit.

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Yes you can sue, but this sounds like you need to visit a consumer lawyer to both undue the arbitration confirmation and recover your violations.


Learn those words. You are not the only one with this issue, I'm sure.

You could take this opportunity to get consumer forced arbitration thrown out in your state. That's how consumer credit card arbitration got thrown out in my state....


Think big! Think revenge! Think sticking it to this ridiculous debt collection system in place!

Go to NACA. Vist every consumer lawyer in GA until you find one willing to consider taking on the class action!

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