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Can I file a motion to dismiss for lack of validation?

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I am being sued by LVNV for credit card debt. When I first received a Dunning letter from the attorney representing LVNV , it was the 1st time I had ever heard of either entity. I sent of a validation letter to both LVNV and the attorney. I have proof of delivery to the attorney . I never heard from either party until 6 mos later when I was served a summons. I have answered and I have a court date in Lake Co IL for court appointed arbitration. Can I file an effective motion to dismiss for failure to validate?

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Most judges will not recognize the "cease collection" letter ruling under the FDCPA.

However, in Lake County, IL anything is possible. Very liberal judiciary.

I'd give it a crack. You might run into a very pro consumer judge that just may do it.

Just say "look judge, I have no idea what this is about and they refused to produce simple documentation under the FDCPA. Their claim is purely frivilous."

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