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JDB throws in the towel

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I now have a settlement in my case where the JDB never validated, kept assigning from one CA to another. I got real tired of the merry go round and filed in state court. The CA removed to federal, but the JDB did not consent to removal until almost 2 months late. I beat them up badly with motions to remand and thanks to nascar found a couple cases from the very same courtroom, where a defendants bad faith actions in the case resulted in sanctions and remand in nearly the same situation.

They failed to serve me any responsive documents, filed motions and responses that were frivilous and unfounded, etc. Started discovery with a lawyer who had not filed an appearance.

They called monday and settled for FDCPA damages and the debt will never be sold, assigned, transfered or collected upon again. I still have no clue where this alleged debt originated from or when it was opened.

The money is nice, but I would rather have not had to deal with over 5 years of grief instead.

Interestingly, their attorney asked me where I had gotten my legal training! I just told him I am a great researcher.

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