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LVNV Nightmare - Help???


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I had an account with Sears which was sold to LVNV in July 2006. LVNV farmed it out to MSR Associates who contacted me and I negotiated a payment agreement and the bill was paid in full $3000 on Jan 07 (long story before I know about GCIS).

MRS reported back to LVNV that I didn't make the last payment, but then corrected this error and have provided me with a "release of debt" letter stating the bill was paid in full. Every two months I have another company contacting me to collect the debt on behalf of LVNV (late fees and penalties because they say I never made the last payment which I have proof I did). I have challenged with the Credit bureaus and they say LVNV validates I still owe. My credit report shows I'm 150 days late as of last month as well as Sears showing the account of $3000 as charged off. Not sure where to go from here...

1. Can Sears report as charged off if they sold to LVNV?

2. Should I resend the "release of debt" letter to the Credit bureaus?

3. Any other recommendations?

I can't even tell you how frustrated I am...

PS - Bought/read GCIS but not sure what letter to send at this point....

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