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Did I make a mistake and tip my hand?

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Well I shored up my complaint answers and affirmative defenses. I also sent a discovery(production of documents) with my answer today to the plaintiff's attorney.

I spoke with my local court, they said with them I just need to file a notice of service of discovery. Ok fine. Also send them my copy of answers/defense, service, etc.. Then the person said, then a pre-trial will be set for a few months later(to my surprise that's long)

I've been looking for weeks on my local court's website for their court rules, I must have overlooked it until today. Anyway, here is an exert. Confirming what the person at the court told me today.


(A) All contested matters, except forcible entry and detainer and small claims,

shall be set for pretrial. The Court may schedule subsequent pre-trials via


(B) Where one or more party is not represented by counsel, contested matters

will be set for pretrial.

© Counsel and parties must appear before the Court at the pretrial.

I will also be sending out a motion to strike tomorrow, the attorney's exhibit(a cc statement not authenticated).

I'm also thinking of sending a motion to dismiss this week as well. Or should I wait after sending out the MTS? for the plaintiff's attorney to review the MTS?

My main question for posting this thread, was I wrong and maybe hurt myself and tipped my hand by sending out the request for production of documents along with my answer/defenses, after learning of procedure's of court today, where a pre-trial my still be so far out, or is it a moot point?

Also wanted to thank all for the great information and help. Sure has taken me ALOT of researching and learning but I'm getting the hang out it.


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Also, just checked a recent case in my local court. It appears what the court told me today is correct

3/24/2009 Pre-Trial Notice issued to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3/24/2009 Pre-Trial Notice issued to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3/24/2009 PRETRIAL set for 05/08/2009 at 11:30 AM to be heard by MAGIS

11/19/2008 Answer filed by xxxxxxxxxxx/Defendant on 11/19

10/31/2008 Service for Civil Summons to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx sent v

10/23/2008 Civil Summons notice served to xxxxxxxxxxx via

10/21/2008 Paid $120.00 for receipt# 2008806880 by xxxxxx.

10/21/2008 Original Claim for $xxx Filed, NIEDERST MANAGEMENT LTD

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