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And the judge said what (tentative rulings a researchers best friend) fyi baby :)

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For those looking for guidance or just wanting to know how judges in your local state court will rule on a case similar to your case check out the

tentative ruling decisions online with your local court it has some great insite as to how judges have ruled on certain cases. And if you follow along you

Can see where the def or plnt may have gone wrong and it could help you to prepare your case better. For different states check and see what they call

their tentative ruling. Tentative ruling is when a party request a non appearance and let the judge decide in hopes of the decision being

in their favor but if the judges decision is far from in their favorite they can request an oral argument hearing and some cases may not qualify to be

decided on as tentative ruling see your state local courts for further information.:)

heres a example:


Walshe VS Gelfand

Tentative ruling:

The claim of exemption by judgment debtor Jean Stirling-Silver is granted. The court finds that the mobilehome subject to levy is exempt pursuant to CCP 704.710(a)(2), 704.710©, and 704.720(a), and is to be released to the judgment debtor. Judgment creditor has not shown that the equity in the property exceeds the amount of the exemption. Clerk to give notice to all parties including the levying officer, the Orange County Sheriff. (CCP 703.580(e).)

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