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Need help w/TN civil laws against Midland

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First contact with Midland was by receiving summons w/affidavit, which states the usual. It also stated, by the employee of Midland they have possession of the books and records and have personal knowledge of the facts herin from review of those records. The summons already had a court date set, in General Sessions. So far, I have filed a sworn denial. I didn't receive a copy of the denial. Was I suppose to receive a copy and also send to Midland's attorney? Or does the court send a copy? I don't understand the TN laws. Was that basically my answer to the complaint or am I suppose to also write something else up with answers? There were no real questions on the summons. Do I file a motion with the court for discovery of their documents or does the court now do that since I filed the sworn denial? Or do I send a letter to plaintiff's attorney requesting documents? Please someone help me understand the TN laws. When I have called the clerks office to ask they just tell me that would be giving me legal advice and they aren't allowed to do that.

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