The Biggest Loser!!!!

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I watch it every week. I was suprised that Helen won. I thought that Tara would win, with Mike second, and Helen third. Mike was my favorite because he lost so many pounds.

Almost all of them did well with a few exceptions. Of the two young guys (Dave and Dan?), I felt the one would do very well (which he did), and the other would do poorly (which he did ). The two ladies from Detroit who were former friends could have done better. I was hoping for a big fight from them in the finale. And the old guy who won the $100,000 prize looked emaciated. He needs to add a few pounds back on.

My favorites were the cousins from Tonga. They were always having a good time.

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I was actually going for Tara...she was always my favorite because she played fair the entire game. Very straight forward and overcame all obsticales in front of her.

I was shocked that Helen won too...I thought she looked a bit too thin.

Jerry did look too thin from his chest up, maybe that is what happens when you loose so much weight being older? He could be natually lanky too, not sure but glad he brought a tear to my eye! I was happy for him.

I did like Philippe and Sione...they were good together and I like their Tonga dance they do.

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