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I have two old settlements with USAA that have been quite problematic. After initially disputing/requesting and investigation I lost interest in the credit repair bug for a while. Now I'm back at it again. Every time I would dispute they would change the listing on my reports to "past due 90 days" or "past due 120 days" even though we settled back in early '94. This time they verified with Equifax as "bad debt sent to collection agency". The listings have never been accurate but it seems that they wont budge.

Does anyone have any positive experience with getting USAA to remove listings or will I need to file suit? I already sent the letter telling them about how many violations they had and threatening suit etc.

Another alternative may be that I have had my car insurance with them for 20 years. Does anyone think that I might be able to get the insurance people to have the listings removed if I tell them I'll place my insurance with another company?

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