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Help We are being sued by Capitol One

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My husband received a summons to appear in court for credit card debt owed to Capitol One. This account was in collections in TX and we sent them a letter requesting Validation, a week later we received a phone call from an attorneys office in Chicago. My husband told her we had sent this validation letter to the collections company in TX, she asked for a copy. We faxed and mailed them a copy, never received a response. How can they sue as as this is an attempt to collect the debt when they have not validated the claim?

Any suggestions on what we should do?

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Well the first order of business is read, read, read, read. Read other threads. Also do ALOT of reading, researching, etc. Use the search button in the forum. Read your local courts rules/procedures online, read illinois rules of civil procedure, look up civl laws, rules or evidence, consumer laws, find some case law, etc..

And answer the summons within the timeline given with the summons.

Check out the stickies on this forum, start with help I'm being sued.

goto creditinfocenter.com/legal/ive-been-sued.shtml

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