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score 1 for the home team!...well almost, few more ???'s


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Ok I won. I got all negative TL's deleted from 2 of my CR's from a really nasty CA. There is the first issue.

Quick recap:

I owed on an old debt i never knew i owed on to my dentist. I paid the dentist (the OC). A CA they had assigned to the debt refused to acknowledge that I paid the debt. They continuously verified the debt as open and unpaid over and over to the CRA's and even tacked on a $100 everytime I’d dispute it with the CRA's A simple $200 debt blew up to $500 in a matter of 6 months. Remember this whole time the debt was PAID off to the real owners of the debt...the dentist.

This CA tried to fight me tooth and nail and I think I have them on the hook for at least a few violations, just wondering if the violations are worthwhile. I really want to beat them down hard while they are running with their tails between their legs. Mostly because they have made the last 6 months a living hell fighting me over a paid account.

First I sent them a DV, they totally ignored it.

after the 30 days were up I sent them a letter telling them the debt is paid and provided a copy of the paid in full receipt from the OC. And told them to remove the TL's or they would be in violation. I also at this time did online disputes with all 3 CRA's. The result was the CA verified it as still open and tacked on an extra $100. I called them and they claimed they never got any letters from me before with any proof the debt was paid. A lie because i sent it CRR twice now.

So I disputed it again with the CRA's, this time by CRR mail. I also re-sent the same letter as last time again CRR with the paid in full receipt from the OC. I forwarded the exact same letter and receipt to all 3 CRA's. This time the result was different. Equifax, and TransUnion deleted it, Which proved the online disputes are a TOTAL waste of time and effort. Oddly though, Experian however chose to call it "paid, closed"? And keep it on my credit.

Can they do that? The CA is clearly not the owner of the debt and it was paid to the OC...So shouldn't the entire TL be removed? The CA doesn't own the debt, nor was any payment made to them. according to the FCRA they don't even hold the right to report the debt so why should the TL remain on my credit as paid, closed? Shouldn't it be deleted? Equifax and Transunion had no problem deleting it.

Also another violation, after the disputes were finalized I got a letter from the CA after the fact, claiming they received my last payment and are waiting for my next payment of $100. Claiming I still owe them for the interest they kept adding to my PAID debt from everytime I disputed it.

First off I NEVER paid them, nor did the OC forward any payment to them. I paid the OC direct and they were cut out completely, because the CA didn’t own the debt.

So is that not a lie? They could technically redate, relist and/or sell the debt off to another CA right? And call the debt current by claiming I made a payment to them...right?

Second now that the TL's are basically removed and the dispute is finalized and it's proven that I did pay it and they have been illegally verifying the debt for 6 months...isn't this letter “after the fact” constitute a solid case of "continued collection activity on a paid debt", which a violation?

And in the grand scheme of things... since this is in fact a paid dental debt and the CA refuses to let it go doesn't some kind of HIPPA law apply here? Do HIPPA laws apply to dental practices too?

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