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recieved summons but don't live in USA

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I received a summons from a legal recovery law office in Ca. It is an old Cap 1 debt. I have a mailing address there. I have not lived in the USA for the last 5 years nor do I plan on living in the US for a long time. I work overseas and have my bank accounts overseas. I am curious about two things. First of all, What can they get from me? I have virtually nothing in the US, an old car a beat up 1996, and a bank account in another state with about 100 bucks in it. My second question, How do I go about fighting this? Even though I eventually received a summons, ( they handed it to a relative) This is the only document that I have received. Should I file a DV ? What other repsonse should I file against the summons.

thanks for any help

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