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Fico 585 EQ - Any hope?

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Just wondering, I have had an Orchard cc trifecta for a bit over a year now and have been waiting for a few things to fall off of my report.

My report shows 4 doc bills under $100 that are about to fall off and 2 other tl's around $1k that are about 4 years old.

I have a car loan that is showing up as possibly negative as I was often 30 days late but more often than not on time.

My Orchard card shows perfect scoring.

I do have a new negative tl of $86 that I was unaware of. I just recently sent the check to them after finding this and contacting them.

All of my reports show the exact same information when pulled from annualcr

What if any cards should I be trying for now at this point to try to build positive tls?

Again, FICO approx 585 for all CBs


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1) Find a credit union you quaify for.

2) Deposit $100 a paycheck into the account- direct deposit if your employer allows it

3) When you reach $1000- ask about a secured credit card-(secured cards are not guareenteed- but if you show regular deposits- you will have a better chance.

4)Never charge more than 250 on the card- and pay in full every month to avoid interest

5)keep making the 100 deposits every pay.

In 18 months you will have an awesome tradeline-and almost 4000 in savings (assuming you get paid every two weeks)

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