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Has anyone ever had any luck with USAA?


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I have 2 of the most stubborn old settlements with USAA and have tried just about everything to have them removed includeing, today, even asking them to remove them.

They are for 2 cards paid in settlement in Jan of 2004

1. DV (2ce) Verified then changed (still inaccurate)

2. Investigation Request..........Though I have to admit I didn't follow up with them.......but never received the information I requested.

3. Told them I'd place my car insureance eslewhere if they wouldn't get rid of the 2 accounts (keep in mind they are 5 years old).....they told me know.

sort of at my wits end with this. Should I request the investigation again and then....this time if they dont respond....file suit?

Any suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated

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