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What's the BEST?

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I got a good credit history, i'm responsible enough to pay my purchases on time or if not I always talk to my bank and immediately inform them that i'm having an issue over this and ask them for consideration or installment deals. in that way I can pay my credit card debts easily.

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The best card for cash rewards is Chase Freedom Plus. I get a $250 check every few months like clockwork.

Other good cash cards are AMEX Blue Cash and the regular Chase Freedom (in that order)

Best airline miles cards in no particular order: CITI AAdvantage AMEX, CITI AAdvantage Master Card, AMEX Delta

None of these cards have particularly good APR and most have annual fees.

Best low APR card will most likely be a credit union unless your credit history is outstanding.

Although, I contend APR is irrelevant. That is, if you can't PIF every month, no exception, then you have no business using a credit card...

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