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Negotiating with CA's on accts past SOL...


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I have a Butte County Collection Bureau account past SOL (as of 8/2008) and they don't want to budge on the amount owed and they don't want to PFD. This is a bad check but I don't think that effects the SOL.

I also have an Cap 1 that is past SOL (as of 8/2008) but I am hesitant to try and negotiate with them. I have heard they are quiet hard to deal with.

I also have an account with Credit Collection Services which will be past SOL as of 6/2009... I haven't tried to negotiate with them yet because I am waiting for SOL to run out.

Lastly I have a Macy's account that is past SOL in 8/2009. I had a payment arrangement with them last year but I lost my job and was unable to keep up with the payments. So far it doesn't look like they have tried to re-age the account. Should I wait for SOL or start up the payment arrangement again?

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