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Former owner fails to produce title

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I may not be allowed to ask this in this forum but I do not know any other forum to go to.

I purchased a motorcycle three weeks ago. The former owner said he had to take the money, 4000 dollars, and pay the bank off so he could get the title.

I was told that the bank would send the title in about a week. A week gors bu and no title so I called the former owner and he told me he got the title in the mail and had mailed it to me. Another week goes by and no title. I called and the former owner told me that he was having trouble at the DMV with the title, I dont even know why he needed to go to the DMV. Another week has gone by and he will not answer any phone calls now. I did get a receipt of sale with name and address of the former owner.

I am thinking of suing him cause at this point I am tired of excuses and the run around. I am not sure what to sue for or what I am entitled to sue for. Could this be breach of contract for an oral agreement? what damages can I sue for?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I would go to the Police Department and file a report, or at least ask if this guy has comitted anythik criminal... Not sure but i would start there. Or i would contact the DMV and let them know you purchased this vehicle, have the Sales Receipt and every thing, see if the vehicle is still titled to the bank or not. My thought is did this guy pay it off or just pocket the cash and stop paying the loan?

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