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Is this a violation?


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A CA was assigned to collect a debt

The debt was till owned by the OC.

So i paid the debt in full directly to OC

CA refuses to acknowledge the debt is paid and they got nuttin'

I sent the proof to the CRA's and the CA

30 days later 2 out of 3 CRA's deleted it.

30 days later I also get a letter from the CA saying they recieved my payment and demand i send them another payment. I NEVER paid them, nor did the OC forward any payment to them. The debt is paid in full to the real owners of the debt the OC. It's closed.

By the CA lying about me paying them, and demanding i pay them more isn't that viewed as "continued collection activity" on a closed account?

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If you just want to get rid of them, write them a Section 805© FOAD letter. The CA has no standing and can't sue, OC has their money and won't sue.

If you're worried about your CR, make sure that the TL is showing at least as a paid collection, rather than an unpaid one. If not, dispute it with the CRAs. If it comes back verified, dispute directly with the CA (information furnisher). If they still report an unpaid collection, then contact your state's AG because it's a violation of the FCRA. I wouldn't recommend that you sue them over a FCRA violation, because the private right of action under the FCRA is a lot more murky than the do-it-yourself friendly FDCPA. Let your tax dollars do the heavy lifting for you.

Once you have at least a paid collection, attack it like normal, paid collection TL.

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