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Does the AU thing still work?


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I know that they have changed the credit laws and I not sure if the AU thing still works to help build your credit?

i am not sure, but from what i understand

Credit is based on the Original person applying for the credit, thier "worthiness" , and should only be reported on that fact

a AU is NOT granted credit based on thier own standing, there for should not be given " credit" for that fact( original person is the one who "owns" the account and must pay it)

a great example, Many elderly loose a spouse ( we will say hubby) wife was a AU ( not joint) , now wife looses her " good credit" why beacuse the account was opened in Hubbys name, dont matter wife may have made all the payments, wife cant get credit no matter shes been a Au for 100 years,

she did not have her Own credit history

or kids that "piggy back on parents" parents are the one who will be sued if they dont pay , not the kiddos,

Go for a Joint account, shows Both people got credit based on "worthiness"

and Should post on each account based on that,BOTH can be sued,

reasons are people with poor credit " inflate" thier worthiness when it may not be true,

build on your own, start with a Credit union secured account, you can start for about 500,, but if you have more you can start higher..you set the "limit",

this takes time, baby steps and before you know it, you will be able to get your own card

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