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You have just been given 3 wishes


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1. Collections and late payments would only stay on the credit report for 2 years instead of 7.

2. Bankruptcy would stay on the credit report for 4 years instead of 10.

3. All collection agencies/creditors who knowingly and regularly violate the FCRA will be sent to the nearest Suicide Booth (Futurama fans will know about this;)xangelx).

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Credit law changes... it might be nice to just have the current credit and reporting laws followed.

1. If collection agent is proven to have lied, cheated, threatened anyone while on the "job" the infraction would be reported on their credit report for life and amount trying to be collected from debtor must be paid from ca to debtor and debt forgiven. Also 3 strikes rule, you have more than 3 strikes you can no longer work with anything related in debt collection industry in any way. (would be like a dishonorable discharge and could affect insurance rates and future employment certain HOAs wouldn't allow you to move into their communities ), failure to obey this law and continuation in same industry results in criminal charges and jail time.

2. Civil court or not ca's and jdb et al must prove the debt is legal and owed, no more favorable default judgments.

3. Liar liar pants on fire rule and rubber /glue rules from kindergarten would be real.... picture it now collection agents on fire. Everytime they threaten to garnish your wages 25% of their check ends up going to you! (Also no national healthcare for scumbag collectors, they pay their own burn unit bills)

2) a) (this isn't 4 I swear). Also all debt collection agencys must contribute 35% of profits to programs that teach under privileged and poor about consumer rights, and other community outreach programs dealing with financial "health".

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