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Crown Jewelers is closing my credit account

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I got a notice that they will close my account due to non-usage. I guess you have to use it more than once per year.

I stupidly bought something the last time they gave me a CLI, thinking I would get in good with them. Nope... they just enjoyed ripping me off a little.

I perused the site to see if there was anything small worth buying, but even a plain silver chain was overpriced, I found, when I looked elsewhere and found the same thing for about 1/4-1/5 the price. I'm not down with that.

Boo hoo, so sad (NOT), nice knowing you and don't let the door hit you on the way out, Crown Jewelers!


And in other news.... I got a $5K USAA World Mastercard.

The husband got a $350 Chevron/Texaco card. He also got a Discover/HSBC card, limit unknown as of now.

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I only have a $500 limit on mine. I've only had a it for a few months as well. I was kinda shocked by the limit, b/c on my other cards, the limits are all higher than $500. /shrug.

After I get my last CC paid off though, I will only be using one credit card for my expenses.

Did you try to call them? Do you need a number?

1-888-333-2201 (if it's under the Discover Network)

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I just noticed your thread right now. I misssed it when I posted my thread.

They closed my account but I didn't get anything in the mail.

They also dropped the Credit Limit, the day they closed out the account- from $2500 to $500. So the account shows closed:credit limit 500.

That's the part that bothers me. It should have said closed/ $2500.00

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