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Medical Collections


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Hippa rules..


Please read this, a CA MUST have this contract( before) to have your information,

you have the rights to see this contract but you Must ask for it.


this has the links

washington state allows up to 1000 ( maybe tripled) for Privacy violations,

check your states privacy laws

IF a CA has your PHI ( more than the MIN allowed) you may sue for the Privacy Violation, ONLY if they can not produce the Business associates contract..( many many belive the assgin is enough this is NOT TRUE, they are 2 seperate contracts) without the contract they are NOT allowed your information Period..

The HIPPA violation complaint you file with HHS/ civil rights office, ( they will decided on the fines ect and can sue,, but they can not collect damages for you) it can included a CA,JDB, DR. Hospital, ANYONE who had any part of your "medical record"

You may sue on your own ( CA. DR ect)for just the privacy violation..,, Just how many people in a CA office saw your PHI? how was it "protected?" is it all in some computer base open to anyone? did they File "detailed" Statements in a court case?( ohh ya know those are PUBLIC RECORDS) .. a little "extra" punch..

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anyone with a Medical Collection needs to know what other rights you may have, this will give you extra leverage with a Ca, a bit more "punch"

this is for unpaid/ paid collections, the HIPPA laws are very clear on what a CA may have about YOUR Private Medical Information, Add your state privacy laws to this and you may get damages


maybe admin can make this a sticky?

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