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New And Need Some Help!


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Hi Guys I Am new to the site and Have a few questions. I Am getting married in september and we would like to buy a house after. However I have had some credit issues in the past that I would like to repair. My CS right now is 589. My Future husband has excellent very high credit , but we will need both incomes to quilify. So here I am starting my credit repair journey and would love some help.

My first question is: Should I try to send a GW letter to the OC first and if it does not work send a dispute letter to a CRA? OR Should I Send a dispute letter to the CRA first and if the late payments aren't deleted try to send a GW letter to the OC?I have some TL's that are from 2007, PIF, AND closed, the rest of the late payments are from 2007. No collections or anything


Do I send a Dispute letter to only one CRA or do I send the same letter to the Big 3?

When sending a dispute letter How many disputes do you include on one letter?

If A TL has multiple late payments on it would each be considered a different dispute?

What Have you experienced to be the most sucsessful reason of dispute to get late items deleted?

Thank You!

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For me...I like to do one item at a time; it helps me keep track of my progress.

If the account is still with the OC, try to see if you can work out a payment plan with them. It's always good to deal with the OC first!

When disputing, you should (at least I do) request one dispute at a time per letter. So if it's 3 items, you would send 3 separate letters to.

Late payments - if it's still with OC, try calling them to see if you could get them removed or write a GW letter as well.

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