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Please help I a new and NEED advice


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Hello. Let me just start by saying that I am so glad that I found this site and I am so thankful for all of the useful information I've acquired on it. Ok so I am totally new to all this credit stuff. Please let me tell you my situation and maybe someone could be of assistance. After reviewing my credit report for the first time, I was disheartened to find 2 things on my credit as a result of medical collections. I'd really like to get them both removed. The information listed on the accounts are as follows:

account type: collection

balance: $211.00

past due: $211.00

date opened: 9/1/2006

account status:closed

mo payment: blank

payment status: seriously past due date/assigned to attorney,collection agency,or credit grantor's internal collection department

High balance: blank

limit term comments: 1 month

this was reported to experian, eqifax, and trans union.

The other is as follows:

Balance: $412.00

Past due: $412.00

Date opened: one says 6/1/2006 the other says 6/15/2006

Account status: one is blank the other says "open"

Mo payment: both blank

payment status: one says "unpaid" the other is blank

high balance: one is blank the other says "collection account"

limit: both blank

terms: both blank

comments: one says "medical unpaid" the other "placed for collection"

this shows up on Experian and trans union

I was wondering if I could just try the PFD method for both. I'm not sure though. I don't understand SOL and how they work. I love in the state of GA. Sorry so long. What does it mean if the account status reads as closed? If anyone could offer advise on what steps I should take to get these items removed from my credit as well as elaborate on SOL, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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you can't get them removed, they will remain for seven years.. the SOL for a lawsuit in GA is a different matter, however for amounts that small they are probably not going to sue.

You can pay them but you can forget PFD, that rarely happens regardless of what they promise..t he best thing you can do is ask. It may show as paid but I would be suprised if they were removed.

So the SOL for your credit report is seven years

the SOL for your state (and I THINK its 4 years in GA but I an not totally sure) someone here can probably give you that , is for a lawsuit to take place, but again for those tiny amounts I doubt seriously you will be sued over them.

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I'd seriously consider DV'ing them if you do not know what these debts are. Since you did not give us the name of who is collecting these amounts, there is no way to tell.

Are the debts yours? Are the Original Creditors reporting or are they collection agencies?

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Hi go for do the DV and than when they confirm send the compromise of debt form from this site adding the PFD the best that can happen is that they tell you NO.

I used the cod form and was able to get a two yr dentist bill deleted from my cr I refuse to pay because the lousy dentist she broke my tooth what a crook. Also since those are collection accounts you might have a better chance of getting them deleted.

Good luck in whatever you decide:mrgreen:

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Thank you all so much for your advice. I love that peoiple are willing to help one another. Thank you so much! What is a DV? I feel so lost and confused.

DV means a Debt Validation, you can learn more by hitting the Debt Validation Tab above the forums,

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