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False judgement/public record? (CACV of Colorado)

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I finally got ALL our reports and my husband has a line in the "public records" portion. It looks like it's a judgement. It just says "Type: civil judgement Court Typer: Recorder of Deeds " and then the date and the plantiff, CACV of Colorado LLC"

This is not listed on his other two reports, it's just on his TU report. Based on the date, it's possibly a Sears or Best Buy card he had, but the amount doesn't really fit with either. Also, both of those were sold to LVNV Funding.

He was never served that we know of to show up in court. And, when we look up our counties court records, which allow you to look up all the civil judgements, there is no record of it. Of course, we'll call the county to double check but........

Just wondering.......has anyone ever had a false or fake judgement on their report? If it's accurate and they did get a ruling in their favor, can they still sell the debt?

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A debt with a judgement can be sold. In fact it often attracts a slightly higher price. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some particular JDB companies work an account for a few months then issue in the hope they get a default judgment and then bundle them up to sell in the secondary markets to recoup their outlay and improve cash flow. Secondary debt sales are HUGE multi billion industries that didnt really exist a short time ago.

I have been doing some research into the legality of buying debt obligations from debtors just to mess with the JDB's 8-)

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