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disctrict court cases in march alone

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makes you wonder why people dont bother to answer a summons

The Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Civil Cases, March, 2009

-----------Cases Disposed-----------

StateTotal 10,562 (filed) 6,736 ( Defaulted): 3,790 ( other pre trial ) 143 ( after trial) 10,669 ( total disposed) 1 ( Jury trial) 103 ( non jury) 7,189 ( other hearings) 8,965( post judgement writs) 4( cases appealed)

if this is a "normal month " means 80832 defaults a Year WOW

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The simple answer is that most people are unaware of their rights, the legal process and the legal defences available to them. Fear factor kicks in and leads to them burying their head in the sand hoping it will all magically go away. For the collections agents who know and prey on this, it is simply a numbers game that they usually come out on top off with ease. Once they have obtained judgement many often resell the judgement at that point to increase cash flow.

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