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Crown Jewlers closed my account and dropped CL

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Crown Jewlers closed my account for not buying anything in a year. Thet never e-mailed or called or mailed anything to say this was going to happen.

They also dropped the Credit Limit, the day they closed out the account- from $2500 to $500. So the account shows closed credit limit 500.

I called them. They said they e-mailed me. But I keep all my e-mails from credit card companies sorted in folders and they did not e-mail me. They said if I want to re-open the account I have to apply again for a completely new account.

So not only do I have a closed account on my credit reports EX and TU. But other jewelry companies I apply for will see the last credit limit with Crown Jewlers at a $500.00 lousy credit limit.

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Thanks for reminding me. They emailed me last week. I need to order a pair of earrings!

They do typically send an email, and I thing when I originally read about them here, someone stated that they would possibly drop the limit after a year to either $500 or the highest balance whichever is more. Glad I snagged Jared and Kays a few months ago.

Want effect did it have on your score?

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