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I Threw Away My Wine

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For medical reasons, I cannot drink anymore.

But long before that, having three kids ages four and under cut out 95 percent of my alcohol consumption. So losing the last five percent really wasn't a big deal because I had already gotten so used to it.

I have a couple of wine racks which was what I had left and it had been collecting dust for so many years. I stopped trying to collect wines years ago. As a result, I wanted to get rid of the wines but I also wanted them to be put to good use.

I recently reconnected with a friend of mine who moved out of town years ago. Since he visits his folks from time to time, his last visit over the Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time to give these bottles away (he actually works a few evenings of the week at a liquor store so he knows his wines really well).

Unfortunately, I already drank all the good stuff a very long time ago. In the previous house I lived in, I had a neighbor who once worked at a vineyard in California, so we already enjoyed all the good stuff of my collection a long time ago.

So when my friend dropped by over the Memorial Day weekend, he looked over what I had. Consequently, it was all low end stuff. But he also said almost all of it had gone bad.

I didn't know that red wines did go bad. I thought that years of holding on to them would not have done anything adverse. Anyway, he just took one bottle and the rest of them I put in the trash.

It was a shame to put so many bottles in the garbage. But as with a lot of things in life, if I had known that I would have chunked them in the trash, I would have enjoyed them years ago. But since I had already cut out my alcohol consumption, it wasn't a big deal to throw all of them away. I just wished that someone else could have enjoyed them.

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you need to make sure your storing the wine correctly, if your "collecting" you may want to invest in one of the fancy wine storage units with temp controls, or you could just be throwing away your money in the long term

Boxed wine, I say use within 30 days max of opening

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My wine collection is getting bigger.

After reading your post - it makes me wonder if my wine is still good.

There is no shelf life printed on the box ?

The way that my friend who works in the shop explained it to me is that if it is cheap wine, then it is going to go bad with the passage of time. Expensive and moderately expensive wines have a lot of (he told me what it was and I don't remember any more) in it, which makes storing for a long period of time fine.

But as he explained, that too depends on the wine because with the passage of time, it will turn into vinegar (I think that is what he told me). But long story short, the cheaper the wine, then the faster it will go bad.

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I had a customer in Ma and he just started sending me big crates of wine for free through the usps...great stuff...The shipping alone musta been a fortune...He stopped when a bottle broke open and leaked all over the other packages at the PO, they were kinda mad about it, mailman interrogated me asking me what I'd ordered...I order alot of stuff and said whats the problem...He said one of your boxes has a leak, and it smells like liquor...lol...

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