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New Baby Closer To Home


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Been another turbulent series of days.

SWMBO had our third and last kid, second boy, on June 10th by C-section. He's still at the hospital, and we're hoping to have him home this week. Sunday at the latest.

Low glucose level, wouldn't feed, feeding tube in his nose, on oxygen then off it, jaundiced and under the blue light, fever, whole battery of tests, and conclusion was infection. Maybe pneumonia from SWMBO. He's on IV antibiotics through at least Tuesday and maybe through Saturday. He seems a totally different kid today. Feisty, perky, very baby-like.

SWMBO was released Saturday, and oh was that ever tough for her to leave new baby boy at the hospital. Sunday she was re-admitted with high blood pressure and low heart rate (got as low as 39 on the monitor). Thought I was gonna go into cardiac arrest watching her vitals fall.

She's back home today and supposed to be resting. MIL isn't really stepping up to reign in the kids so we're ALL gonna have a conversation tonight when I get home.

Nothing permanent with baby boy. He should be just fine.

SWMBO has a couple of follow up visits with a cardiac spe******t. I might have to employ some tough love therapy with talk of "Do you want to be there for your son's graduation and are you going to heed the doctor's advice about diet, weight, exercise, et al?"

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Congratulations on the baby and it is wonderful that he is doing better. Your better half better take it real slow and easy until the heart spe******t results are in. I am sure it will all work out. You and your family are in my prayers.

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SWMBO came home from the hospital Monday. She has follow up visits with a cardiologist. 2 day study, nuclear medicine, rest test and stress test. They changed her blood pressure meds yet again, and her heart rate and B.P. seem to be almost normal again.

I'd been hoping for only 3 days of antibiotics for the boy, so he could come home today. Looks like it gonna be 7 days. So we should get to take him home Sunday, maybe Saturday.

We've been over to visit every day, at least once, during his feedings so we could hold and bottle feed him. Each day he looks better, he acts more responsive, looking around at everything, eye contact, great skin color.

It's still not easy leaving him each time we go, but he eats and then goes back to sleep so he's resting when we leave.

When he does come home, this poor boy is gonna be smothered with attention for years to come. DS#1 is looking forward to having DS#2 home so he can tickle his brother's feet every day, his words.

DD will be happy to have, or so she thinks, a live action baby doll. I expect she's gonna try and pick up and carry around the baby any chance she gets.

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The ride continues.


Ran over a screw on my bike ride to the train station. Freakin' 1.5" drywall screw completely through the tire and tube. Almost as if the darned thing was standing with the point up and somehow I manage to hit it with my rear tire.

A little more than halfway to the train stations, so I walked the bike 2 blocks to get away from traffic to focus.

Pulled the rear wheel, tire and tube. Patched the tube with two patches, but they didn't hold. Had to walk the bike another 3/4 of a mile to the bike shop. [Happy Birthday to Me!] Locked it up on their outside bike rack, reset the combination to 8-7-6-5 (I changed it again when I picked up the bike), then called the shop when they opened. "Hi, that's my bike out front. I know most people steal bikes, but I'm weird so I ..."

Had to get a new tube, which reminds me I'm gonna pick up another one today and carry it in my bike's seat bag for future blowouts and punctures. Only $14 for parts and labor though, so not too bad.


Dropped off MIL and SWMBO's great niece at the airport to fly home. 10-15 minutes late on I-405, in bumper to bumper traffic creeping along at zero miles per hour, POW! Rear ended by an idiot who didn't know how to drive in the rain--in the Seattle area. I think the bright red lights on the rear of my vehicle that activate every time I brake confused him as well.

I got pushed into a third vehicle who got pushed into a fourth vehicle. The two in front of me had only minor damage. The idiot's car and my car look like they are totaled. Maybe, perhaps, there's a chance insurance won't total mine. I'd really like to get 2 more years out of my Saturn and then buy a Chevy Volt. [i'm so really for EREVs and EVs.]

Anywho. Other three drivers were all OK, but I got whiplashed pretty good. Back and neck were immediately stiff and a little sore. Heart was pounding so hard I felt a pain in my chest. In retrospect, it was just the stress of everything catching up to me suddenly.

One of the firefighters (really cute blonde girl) looked at me and said, "Are you OK?" I wasn't and knew it. Took my pulse and B.P., got me into a C-collar and strapped to a back board. Transported me to Valley Medical Center. Nothing broken, not bleeding, never lost consciousness. They X-rayed and released me. Follow up with primary care physician and I'm gonna also be seeing my chiropractor much more frequently now. [it's OK, he's a good guy and I pay flat monthly to him.]

SWMBO had to come pick me up, but I had no clue where I was geographically. I knew generally, but is it Renton Highlands or Kent or closer to I-405 or 167 or what? After I checked out, a really nice, helpful lady at Admitting, Leena I think was her name, was extremely helpful. She asked for my home address, Google mapped to the hospital, and printed it out for me. Really easy, directions from home.

Talked to insurance, state patrol, and the impound lot where my car was. All very helpful, and the impound lot was just a few minutes from the hospital. I looked at the car, and now I saw the extent of the damage. I had been thinking maybe they'd fix it, but front and rear damage, rear left door is jammed shut, right rear bumper is pressed almost against the tire, nose is all smashed up, hood is folded, driver's seat I think is broken, radiator is pushed in. However, the motor never shut off, and I was able to drive it off the freeway and onto the exit ramp. Radiator didn't leak out anything. Maybe, I dunno, but I expect it's gonna get totaled and scrapped for parts. Powertrain only has 54K miles on it and 3 outta 4 tires are 80K mile tires with only about 10K miles on 'em.

Left a voice mail message for the state patrol officer (also a really cute blonde girl) if she needed a statement from me about the accident, and to please let me know when the accident report is ready as I wanna get a copy to insurance so they can get a claim number to the hospital.

SWMBO was bemoaning all this happening, and I tried to point out the positive. I'm not dead, in a coma, burned, or in traction. Nothing broken, no sutures, and not even a Hello Kitty band-aid. I've been biking to the train station since April and I plan to keep biking there through October, at least. We can get by just fine with just our minivan for a few more months, if not longer. Her MIL and niece weren't in the car with me which woulda caused them to perhaps get hurt and certainly miss their flight home costing them money perhaps. Yes, it's a monumental headache and it's inconvenient and it woulda been great to get a few more years use outta a perfectly good working vehicle. But, these are the cards dealt this hand.

People look for the good times in life, but the bad times in life can be those times when you are REALLY living. When you're forced to take stock of what really matters and focus on it. A weak, materially obsessed person might well stick a gun in their mouth after slaughtering their family because they lost their job and their 401K is worth less than they contributed in the last 2 years. That won't be me. If I had to let a meteor smash our minivan while parked in the driveway just to get my new son home, I'd do it.

Still have a job, still have medical (albeit through COBRA), still have our minivan, still have our house, and as they pointed out to us at the hospital, they don't have a Kindergarten program so the baby WILL come home.

SWMBO joked about buying a lottery ticket since things come in threes. Baby in the hospital, SWMBO in the hospital, me in a car wreck. [The bike tire doesn't count as it was a mere inconvenience. Little more than a spilled latte on a dress shirt.]

I obliged the indulgence and bought three lottery tickets. Nothing will happen and they will all three come up bust, but heh it showed we both could laugh this all off.

While it would be amazing to have three lottery tickets hit, or even one for $10, I'd trade it away to get my son home and have the cardio tests on SWMBO show no problems with her heart.

The plan is to "nest" tonight. I'll stay overnight at the hospital and do the feedings every 3 hours. They apparently do this when babies stay beyond a night or two after birth. And Sunday, hoping, he'll come home and that'll be the greatest Father's Day present anyone could ask for.

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Boy have you had a heck of a week! They say everything comes in three's so you must be done for the year. I hope your son comes home today. That would be a truely wonderful Father's Day. Keep your head high and your spirit even higher. It will all work out for the best.

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Well, the boy didn't come home on Father's Day, but I did "nest" with him Saturday and Sunday night. They have a room with a bed, and I can even order meals. Saturday night, he was still on monitors, so they just came and woke me up for every feeding. Last night, he was off monitors so I could bring him into the nesting room with him. It was great. I could lay him down on the bed and lie next to him to settle him down, just hold him, or bring his bassinet up next to the bed.

Hospital also gave me a Daddy's Day Card with his footprints on it.

Might come home today, but maybe one more night of nesting and home Tuesday. They're only feeding him now, and we can do that.

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