WA Licensing and Brachfeld & Associates

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Great news!!

It's been quite a while since I have settled out of court with Brachfeld & Associates for violations of the FDCPA and WA State Consumer Protection laws. At the time of my lawsuit I had also filed complaints with the WA State Attorney General and the WA State Department of Licensing.

Well they move slower than a snail, but I've finally received closure on my WA DOL complaint! See below...


This is a follow up to your complaint against Brachfeld & Associates (Brachfeld) – case # (case # omitted)

As I stated in my February 19, 2008 email to you, before we could proceed with our investigation, we first had to determine the business activities of Brachfeld, since it is a law firm and attorneys are exempt from licensing.

After discussing the case with my legal advisor, we sent Brachfeld a letter requesting information on their business activities in September 2008. In October 2008 Brachfeld applied for a license.

After working with the business for quite some time, they were unable to meet our licensing requirements and their application for licensure was denied effective June 17, 2009.

Our goal regarding out-of-state collection agencies is to get them to comply and obtain a license. To that end, we have closed this case.

If you receive any further contact from Brachfeld, please let me know. Thank you for your patience.

(Name Omitted)

Regulatory Program Manager

The great news is - They have been denied licensing to act as Collection Agents in the state of Washington!!

In WA State a company needs to be licensed to do business, and in order to do collections, they need to have a Collections License attached. In checking the WA DOL website, "Law Offices of Brachfeld & Associates" and "Meridian Management Solutions LLC" are licensed to do business in WA, but they lack the Collections license, for now.

I am unsure how often they can apply, or even why they were denied. They may keep trying. Brachfeld may be able to get a collections license in the future. For now tho, they have failed in their attempts in WA.

To any and all WA state residents that read this forum - do not take abuse from Brachfeld in California.

StressPot :)++

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:lol: Good news

In celebration have updated my VOD template

Dear sleezebags

Send me a copy of your current licence to collect debts in WA.

In the absence of such kindly send me your check for $1,000 in settlement of FDCPA breaches, then FOAD or I shall sue.

Love and cuddles

Your good friend


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I think you should change the ending.

Instead of love and cuddles your friend

Thank you for down payment on ________!

Keep it sexy,


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