Neda, and the voices of Iran

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Puts everything into perspective, lost intrest rates, lowered credit limits, even foreclosure these things are small when others lose life over assembling.

I'm grateful to be able to protest even if I'm nutty and chronically confused.

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Very sad. I had heard it was a friend with her, not her Dad, and her parents had asked her not to go.

While in Wisconsin I worked with a Persian fellow who left as a teenager in the 70's. His wife was in Tehran visiting relatives and left a month before the elections. He showed me an e-mail that showed Mousavi had almost 49% of the vote and Ahmadinejad actually came in third.

Very disturbing things going on over there. Hard to believe that stuff still happens.

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I have always wondered if the people who ended up giving their lives for something such as this really truely knew they were making that decision.

I mean we have all done potentially dangerous things but at least for me I have always had the thought of "nothing is really going to happen to me" despite the situation.

I often wonder if martyrs would have done it the same way had they known the results...some I am sure would but, I wonder about the majority of them.

This young girl should not have had to have even made this sort of decision.

I also heard her name means "our voice" or "my voice" anyone know anything about that?

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Frontline on PBS did a follow up on Neda....


You know its heartbreaking that the people who felt it their duty to be honest and moral are in turn banished under threat of death (or worse) for being and doing the very things the islamic law says they should be and do. I greatly respect those that in the face of personal dangers they resolve to make a stand...

The message can sometimes take over the truth, and more than a cause or a martyr Neda was a daughter, sister, friend, companion and student. There's something very wrong with taking away those who lost her, their right to grieve, their right to remember and honor her, and to silence the voices of those who truely knew her.

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Very disturbing things going on over there. Hard to believe that stuff still happens.

Wow - very shocking video clip, it's sad what happens in other Country's.

As the world changes, and as the availability in new technology becomes available in third world country's. It's only a matter of time before me see more clips like this.


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