Can anyone recommend a good used laserprinter?

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My HP printer is shot and I need another one ASAP!! I've read some reviews and had it narrowed down to a select few, but they're hard to find 'used'.

I need a laser printer (black and white only) and there are literally thousands on ebay, but I don't want to end up something that will cause nothing but headaches!

Any advice would be helpful!



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Printer manufacturers are now using the "razor model" (give away the razor, sell the blades).

So, you can go to Best Buy or even walmart and buy an basic HP or Brother for something in the $75-100 range. But then, yes, you'll pay $25-35 a cartridge for the ink...

But, some things you just don't want to buy on ebay (unless its a bona-fide ebay store). Printers are one of them...

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