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Court Record Search Shows Cap1 Filing I Never Knew About

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I recently did a search for my name for any court records in AZ. This one came up and has me puzzled.

Case Activity CAPITAL ONE BANK VS (me)

Date Description Party

06/23/2009 DISMISSAL Plaintiff 1

04/21/2009 LETTER SENT

07/25/2008 CIVIL (JUSTICE COURT) Plaintiff 1

First of all, how can Cap1 open a case against me without any proper service? The court it was filed in is in a county I moved out of nearly 5 years ago! I never received any paperwork whatsoever.

Since it shows as dismissed, does that mean the debt is no longer valid? (I can dream!)

What should I do at this point? I have just started today to set up a credit repair system for myself, complete with 3ring binders and all the goodies to stay organized through the process. Taking advice from the great post found here:

If you are wondering how to find your court records, here is the link I used:


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