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Finally Closed


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Just wanted to thank the members that gave me advice publicly and privately about Homeownership.

We closed the loan in 15 days and it literally came down to the wire as we closed at around 5 PM CST today.

I just got back from the new house as I had to learn how the Water Sprinkler System and AC Control Pad worked and I needed to reset the garage door keypad (wasn't able to figure this one out yet).

I spent the majority of the day at utility companies as the Seller had scheduled all the utilities to be turned off tommorrow.

Homeownership is kind of a beating and I know one thing, Credit Scores are more important then ever. I would have paid hundreds more in deposits to the utility companies if I had bad credit.

I'm still a little worried as im still not used to the fact that I own a house, but with time, I think it will all work itself out.

I need to pull my scores from MyFico as my credit has definately taken a hit with all the credit checks and this new loan appearing at some point.

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and I needed to reset the garage door keypad (wasn't able to figure this one out yet).

Just check the manufacturer and ctc them - they will send you a manual on how to reset it.

Yeah, it is a LiftMaster. The instructions said that there is a "Learn" button on the Motor Unit, but I couldn't find it. I will google it tomorrow.

The locks dont get changed until tomorrow, so it is pointless tonight anyway.

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