Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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I want to go see it so bad :( but i have to wait for all the little brats to thin out. When we went to see the last one I had to tell some women off because she thought it was of for her 4 kids to play and chatter and text during the movie! I was so mad lol! LOL DH was so so embarrased! LOL hey it cost us 40.00 to see that damn movie and i was nto about to let some goof ball with her gaggle of kids ruin it for me lol! GOD i am a crotchity old Gay lol!

I think i will see it monday evening after work... I sure hope it is good!

(I am having a major surgery next Wednesday so i want to see it before i go for the surgery.)

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Visually stunning, overly long and exceedingly boring. I can only take so much 'teen angst'. But I hope you enjoy it.

Ditto! I couldn't have put it any better. I know the book is always better, however, they could have done much better with the movie.

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