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Homeowner's Insurance Company


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I have two vehicle, two homeowner, and one umbrella liability policy with Libert Mutual Insurance. I couldn't be happier. They beat other prices by a mile and they are there to happily answer any questions. I highly recommend them.

For comparison, my car insurance dropped by more than 50% when I switched from Progressive. And the coverage liability amount went way up.

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Can anyone recommend a good, reliable company for homeowner's insurance?

I have a quote from the company that insures my vehicle, but need a few more to compare.

I am in Alabama.

I'll thank you in advance.

I am very happy with Travelers - have a blanket policy for both my car and home. Planning on taking a defensive driver course to drop my bill $300 a year lower then what I'm paying now.

Years ago I use to have State Farm - we brought our home in 92, for seven years we had them, our payment went up each year. Finally we had a wind storm where our house was slightly damaged. I called State Farm up asking for help, they said I wasn't covered for wind damage.

That pissed me off royally!!!!!!:twisted: I found it hard to understand, the purpose of buying insurance for when you need something for an emergency, and they basically said "don't bother us"...

I mentioned Travelers - where our fees haven't changed, in fact they have gone down since we first started with them. It must be the onset of the gray hair coming in....lol...

I did file a claim a couple of years ago. Someone broke in my Dodge Dorango and stole my stereo. They gave me a rental car while my car was in the body shop. Ended up getting an upgrade to the car stereo I had.....xdancex

Did I say I was very Happy with them!!!!:)


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