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Many people here post questions about their personal credit, debt or legal problems. It is well known to us that creditors and people who are suing our members lurk on these boards. We've asked to aways remove personal information regard I recently received this email from a member:


I've been a member for many years.

I recently decided to google my email address.

Only five hits came up. Four are junk, but one google his is linking to my posts that I have put up on this board. One can actually read my posts without logging into this site. I know filing BK is public info. I mentioned that I had in my posts on here. I just didn't realize that if someone knows my email address, and googles it, they can see my questions on this board.

Is there anyway to keep the email addresses of registered members private?

So yes, there is a solution to this. To prevent others from seeing your email address (including search engine search-bots) you can set your privacy settings through the "Privacy setting" options through the "User CP" panel. If you set "Contact Information" to only "friends" or only "registered members", you will be protecting your email address.

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