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Why won’t people prosecute ID Thieves?

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WARNING: If you are easily offended you probably don’t want to read this.

Why won’t people prosecute ID Thieves?

I use the pose below as an example but there are plenty of others on the forum I could use just as easily...

… I guess I can expand further. My credit is great. It is my wife's debt, and it was due to her mom using her credit card without her knowledge years ago. My wife's credit is terrible as this was not the only card used, I just want to avoid her going to court and possibly paying more than the $2300. We already settled one about 18 months ago for another $2K. All of our assets are in my name for this reason. We are not going to prosecute her mom, so we are stuck with it.

I don’t get it…I truly don’t get it…maybe someone can explain it to me.

Do people just not understand that a criminal is a criminal?

Do people not understand that whether it’s a stranger in Bermuda or a mobster in NYC or your brother or sister or mother or father or grandmother or whatever criminal activity is still criminal activity…a thief is still a thief?

Frankly, when it’s my own blood relative who steels from me that just makes it worse…yet people won’t prosecute!!!

I truly hope there is a special place in xxHellxx for anyone who would steel another person’s identity…and for those who steel identities of the people they supposedly love, I hope their place there is even worse.

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