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Validation of Sprint/Cavalry bill workflow

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Hi Newbie here, I have been working on removal of inquiries and more. I have an item on my CR from Sprint but the CA is Cavalry Portfolio.

If I read the workflow correctly I should be validating w/ the CRA 1st not simultaneous w/ the Creditor? I wait for the green card and the letter or notification from the credit bureau then if they validate then send a DV letter to Cavalry. Right?

From what I gathered when looking up cell phone debt and Cavalry Portfolio that they will have a hard time proving the debt and I should not accept the bill as proof. They need to send a contract. (wait, I just noticed I spelled Cavalry as Calvary so my search didn’t pull much)

As far as the SOL it isn’t up. (Kansas) its listed as:


Cavalry Portfolio Service/…/Sprint pcs

Date open: 12/06

Balance $871

Original creditor: 11Sprint pcs

***Date of status 07/09 (I HAVE NOT HAD ANY CONTACT)

Account Status: Automated Account

*** Why does the date keep changing? I know it says automated so does it post every month? They have not tried to contact me. I would know because they were super rude! No calls or letters. The PO has my change of address.

Experian- Cavalry Portfolio Services/…/Sprint PCS

Date Open: 12/06

Balance date: 07/09

Balance: $871

Orig Creditor: Sprint Pcs

Date of status:

Account Status: Account seriously past due

Side note: I did dispute a credit inquiry from Cavalry PS that I did not authorize w/ XPN (Experian)

Does it look like I am on the right track w/ this debt? Is there anything I am forgetting?

Thanks, B_G ☺

*This is getting addicting especially since I am starting to understand the process.

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