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I'm sorry, I guess I should have called them disputes instead of arguments. And I meant disputes to the CRA's. I've been reading the "Newbie" pages for a couple of days and have been looking at this site for about a month. It seems that there are particular dispute arguments that work better in certain situations. For example, I found this one here:

"explain you have no idea what this is for, but if it is yours would they delete it from the credit report if you found out to be yours and you paid it."

I'm a bit confused about your comment "Pay them". It seems to be the trend of advice that you should not pay these CA's, as it will not necessarily get the items removed from my reports. Besides, they are very close to 7 years and it would be throwing good money after bad.

I'm very new to all of this. My wife and I have alot of mistakes in our past to try to undo in order to be better parents to our new Son. I appreciate any help.

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CITY tickets, pay them. They aren't a "debt" as defined by the FDCPA. Bad things CAN and WILL happen to you if they do not get paid.

Trust me on that one!

regarding bounced checks and medical - try getting in touch with the OC (or payee on the checks) and see if you can work out with them, bypassing the CA.

For more state-specifics, you're in TX i see so check out the TFC (Texas Finance Code).

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I have been arguing with EX and TU for years now about a couple of liens. These liens were for sales tax, I used to own my own business. I talked to the tax office several years ago and the recalled the liens. I filed the proper papers to close the business, as I was leaving to go to Bosnia in 98.

The CRA's changed to status of the liens to released and they are still on my CR's. The papers that the state sent me says they were recalled and reported in error.

I have totally disappeared from EQ and have no report from them, I do not know why this has happened.

I am try to get a mortgage but the va rep I am working with can not find an EQ report.

My EX report has me at a 640 TU only has me at a 480. I have been told since I have only two reports they have to use my lowest score, which will not get me a loan. I can't understand why one has me a high enough score to get a mortgage while the other is so low I cant borrow a %$^% nickel.

I am almost convinced that once you have bad credit there is no way to fix it, once you are there the cra's keep you there.

Any ideas how I can get these liens off my report? not only do I have proof they were reported by mistake and recalled they are also over ten years old.

I can get a VA loan if I have no liens as the VA does not look at a score as close as other lenders do. The rest of my CR is my truck payment which is on time for the last two years, and student loans which are in forbearance.

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