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not sure if this repair stuff really works


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I have been arguing with EX and TU for years now about a couple of liens. These liens were for sales tax, I used to own my own business. I talked to the tax office several years ago and the recalled the liens. I filed the proper papers to close the business, as I was leaving to go to Bosnia in 98.

The CRA's changed to status of the liens to released and they are still on my CR's. The papers that the state sent me says they were recalled and reported in error.

I have totally disappeared from EQ and have no report from them, I do not know why this has happened.

I am try to get a mortgage but the va rep I am working with can not find an EQ report.

My EX report has me at a 640 TU only has me at a 480. I have been told since I have only two reports they have to use my lowest score, which will not get me a loan. I can't understand why one has me a high enough score to get a mortgage while the other is so low I cant borrow a %$^% nickel.

I am almost convinced that once you have bad credit there is no way to fix it, once you are there the cra's keep you there.

Any ideas how I can get these liens off my report? not only do I have proof they were reported by mistake and recalled they are also over ten years old.

I can get a VA loan if I have no liens as the VA does not look at a score as close as other lenders do. The rest of my CR is my truck payment which is on time for the last two years, and student loans which are in forbearance.

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Liens - send the paperwork that you got from the state saying they were released to the CRAs.

No EQ file - call up EQ's fraud office (or anywhere to talk to a real person)...you've probably got a "split file".

Why is here such a huge disparity between your EQ and TU reports, if they've got the same info on them? I mean...like a 50 point FICO difference is about average...but a couple hundred? If your scores are not FICO, disregard them.

Be prepared - you MAY have to get serious with them to get them in line..especially with the liens. That means you may have to send them an ITS letter to get their attention, if they're truly reporting inaccurately.

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There are inaccurate not only that the liens are over ten years old. They simply refuse. I sent the paper work to the CRA's and got a letter back saying the info I sent them did not warrant a deletion by their criteria.

I have tried to talk to a live person at EQ but all I ever get is their automated


As of today I received a letter from TU that the liens are not being reported by them and have not been reported for quite some time. They were deleted over a year ago.

EXP I have not heard from yet.

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You're folding way too easy. If I understand you correctly:

1.The state placed tax liens on your CR in error.

2. The state sent you a letter stating such.

3. The CRA's have been notified, but are still reporting these items (except for EQ, which you don't have).

Experian can be a real b**ch to get things off off...even if you have documentation. That's why we have laws. :-)....and lawyers.....:-)

Personal opinion - Wait for the Experian result (most likely it will be 'verified' or 'updated'). Send Experian, CMRR of course, a copy of any previous letter you sent them, or at least summarize it if you don't have a copy (shame shame if you don't, lol). Include a copy of the letter from the state that the liens were reported in error (if you already sent them the letter, do it again. Good court paper trail.)

The gist of the letter should be: This item is being reported in error. I previously disputed, but you're still doing it. I am enclosing a copy of the letter from the state (again) that proves this listing is in error. FCRA (insert relevant statutes) says you can't do this. I have suffered real damages due to your error (can't get a home loan). This is your last chance prior to litigation to comply with the law.

Send a copy to their disputes dept, legal dept, head janitor, anyone you can get a name or dept for. CMRR them all. Chances are, one of the ones you send will touch the right nerve somewhere.

Keep all your paperwork, and if they still don't act right, find a contingency lawyer to do it for you. Should be pretty simple.

As far as your low scores, aside from the tax lien, could be because you don't have enough credit. I know in my case, a couple of revolving accounts really did the trick in getting those point boosts. Even a secured Visa, Target, Wal-Mart, will help.

Pesonally, I'd give the home buying thing about a year. Get your CR's straightened out with the lien business, get a couple of revolving cards and pay on them like clockwork, keep your utilization around 10-20%, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much better your scores are.

Remember, the marginal credit-related additional interest you will pay over the lifetime of the loan (even if it's just 2%) will add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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I have tried this numerous times but EX will not budge I guess a law suit will get their attention. Maybe I will walk away with enough cash for a down payment on a house, ya never know. But I do know that the approach I have been taking, which is trying to be nice and give them time to correct things is not working. I have been told by at least three mortgage companies that I do not qualify for a loan due mainly to the liens.

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