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NR Group for Cashnet


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Hello all!

Just got a call from a place called NR group that deals with arbitration for Cashnet. I don't remember taking this payday loan out, though it might be possible with the date they gave me (they say it was 2/2007). Anyway, I was told it was taken out for 325 and now it is a little over 500 and it is on its way to civil court where I was informed that it could go to with court and attorney fees about 1200 to up to 2500..I never received any type of letter for this or I would have disputed in a heartbeat. Now they tell me I will be sued, I was like ok...see you in court and have a nice day...guy hung up on me. Should I just sit back and wait for the summons? Oh yeah..for some reason this place called my elderly neighbor who is very ill trying to find me, is that even legal...I mean we hardly know each other! I live in Wisconsin so if there is someone out there that could let me know what the laws are for dealing with payday loans. Thanks so very much!

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