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Lender is showing neg item - not there on my report!!

El Santo

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Lenders usually use a trimerged report, but could possibly also be including one from people like certegy that report bounced checks . . .

Make sure lender has your name and social sec. Correct.

Get a copy of report from lender and call the negitive line provider if it is indeed your soc. And name.

Also make sure the reports your pulling are updated jdbs love to put neg. Bs. On credit report when they see home and car loan activity.... they pay big money for software that notifies them when people are about to make a big purchase.

It happened to hubby and I. And we were able to get it fixed and get our new home, thanks to the awesome people on this forum.

Let us know what u find out!

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Thanks for responding. The report is tri-merged as you mentioned, for both my wife and I (so 6-merged!). The questionable item is not a bounced ck but late pmts on some sort of credit card (don't recognize the name - it is not a bank but some sort of back-end processing service co.). The merged report is showing all the big 3 as the source of this...

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I had a long old response and my phone froze and its frikin gone. On that note don't by a g1 they are like pcs and freeze, turn off, don't ring etc.... unless they want to.


Basically I don't think this is possible.

Remember your credit report isn't merged when you get married, lots of people don't realize that. I blame the guy singing the song that because his new bride has bad credit they live in her parents basement.

You and your wife have seperate social security numbers and seperate credit reports. Of course any joint Accts or authorized user accts will show up on both reports.

If you don't need your wifes income to qualify for the home loan then you could just take the loan out in your name.

What your broker does to get your trimerge combined report is give the company basic info about your wife and you, then the trimerge company uses a software program to compile info into a easy format and determines a credit score based on info.

This report gets its info from the big 3 credit bureaus (usually) and on the tradeline it will show where the info came from.

Trimerge isn't a new credit report it doesn't make credit reports. All it does in a nutshell is repackage credit reports.

Previously you said all three were reporting it according to the tri-merge, this tradeline as I gather is from your wifes reports with tu ex and eq.

It has to be on her seperate personal credit report.

Otherwise there's a huge error on your brokers part.

Your wife remembers the credit card it sounds like and admits to making late payments?

This really shouldn't be making your credit score that much lower.

Its a late payment but not a default or collection account.

Damage should be minimal, and possibly this account won't be in your wifes negitive account section of report but in the section of accounts closed or in good standing.

Check your wifes reports, is the TL on there?

Yes, well that's why its on your merged report.

How does each of three have it listed (include dates but use xxx's for anyother numbers) payment history should be reported for most recent 2 years.

If its not on it.

Make sure your getting the reports from each of the big three and not some other repackaged one from the mryiad of free report sites.

Still not on wifes report?

Take your wifes official reports to broker, ask them to check again.

If it is rechecked and comes back, then we have some other options. Let me know.

Let me know what you find either way, this is strange one!

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How long ago is the line on the tri-merged report saying the late payments were made?

Is it listed as 30days 60 days 90 day or 120 days(or more) late.

Is trimerge reporting it as a closed account with no outstanding money owed, a charge off, or sold to another lender?

This is strange indeed.

Is there any possiblity this is some weird thing were another persons credit has been mistakenly merged with your wifes?

This happens with people with common names or people who are juniors or 3rds etc.....if your name is john a smith II

It could get combined with your dad who is john a smith I or your son john a smith III

Make sure to update us.

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