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Case Law Search Refinement:

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Hi all ...

Below is the search form from LoisLaw, ... I'm trying to search any case law that specifically helps me against an OC and an assigned law firm.

I'm not sure how to narrow the fields ... ?

These are the fields available in the search form:

Pointers please ..... ...

Search Entire Document

Date Range: mm dd yyyy AND mm dd yyyy

Published Opinions Unpublished Opinions Both What's This?

Case Cite for example: 171 Ohio St. 546 or 172 N.E.2d 911

Case Name for example: smith and jones or smith v state

Docket Number

Appellate Court

Case Topics (Headnotes)

Judge & Court Appealed


Attorneys on Appeal

Majority Opinion Justice

Majority Opinion Text

Concurring Justice

Concurring Opinion

Dissenting Justice

Dissenting Opinion

Discretionary Appeals

Administrative Docket

Miscellaneous Docket

Disciplinary Docket

Merit Docket

Motion Docket

Miscellaneous Dismissals

Dismissals, Sua Sponte

Reconsideration Docket

Mediation Docket

Reconsideration of Prior Decs.

Mediation Referrals

Disciplinary Cases

Miscellaneous Orders

Merit Decisions With Opinions

Motion And Procedural Rulings

Merit Decs. Without Opinions

Appeals Not Allowed For Review

Appeals Allowed For Review

Administrative Actions

Appeals Not Accepted For Review

Appeals Accepted For Review

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